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Buy land and build your dream home on the Silver Coast





Do you want to economize AND own a new custom made villa with marvellous ocean or countryside views in Portugal?
Smart Homes is now offering a comprehensive new-build package to investors

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Here are just some of the

Advantages of building a brand new home

  • Can be cheaper than buying a re-sale home
  • Built to your specifications, taste and budget
  • It`s new! cheaper option in the long run with lower maintenance costs
  • Higher rentability potential
  • Better investment returns on re-sale

Common Objections to building a new home in Portugal

  • How am I going to take care of the project as I can`t be in Portugal to oversee the build and don`t know enough about construction.
  • I can`t speak Portuguese and construction companies are a headache to deal with.
  • It`s too big a responsibility. All kind of things could go wrong.


You are in luck! Smart Homes and our construction partners can take all the pressure and stress off your shoulders throughout the entire planning and building phases. The project can be tailor-made to your design and budget.

Our highly professional project team of architect, engineer and project manager, all speak fluent English and have extensive experience building residential/commercial properties for investors .

You make the decisions and dictate the price. We take on all the responsibility and have contractual guarantees in place to ensure your new villa is delivered on time and on budget.

6 Basic Steps

Here are the basic steps we follow to help build your brand-new home;

  1. Consultation on design,price
  2. Design chosen, Project submitted for planning permission
  3. Materials and fittings decided on
  4. Itemized cost analysis of all materials used from the kitchen sink to the type of door knobs!
  5. Construction work begins. Length of time for house completion can be between 8-12months depending on size of your project
  6. Project completed. Keys delivered. Champagne uncorked!


  7. Municipality issues habitation licence


  • We can also offer a furniture package for you on request to create the turn-key beach villa of your dreams !
  • Payment is based on completion of each construction phase. We will give you regular updates on building progress throughout the project

Building cost in Portugal


Costs for a high-quality build is 600 euros/ per m2 + Vat


standard with the very best of fittings and finishings will cost you in the region of 900 euros/ per m2 + Vat.

Our project management team can provide the highest possible quality at each of these given price brackets and anywhere in between!

Contact Smart Homes now for more information on this exiting investment opportunity!